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Who are we?

Petunia & Pines Co. was established in 2016. We are an online jewelry company based out of New Mexico, USA. We offer the largest selection of western & faith based jewelry....with a little in between! Petunia & Pines was created by a jewelry loving, fashionista barrel racer who wanted to bring both worlds together! We believe that all women should feel confident and beautiful with no fear to embrace their unique styles. Stand out, Be Bold, Be You!

 Hi! My name is Samantha and I am the owner of Petunia & Pines. In 2016, I decided to open Petunia & Pines with the mission of making women feel confident, bold & unique. There's just something about jewelry..something that makes women light up. So, I wanted to offer jewelry that was easy on the budget, but moving on the soul. 

I want women to feel their absolute best even when deep down they are fighting their absolute worst. I want women to stand tall and stand proud of who they are and where they come from. Embrace everything about YOU and never apologize for it! All of us at Petunia & Pines stand as one and we love YOU for YOU!